The Coteries: From “Trusty Rusty” to Lagoon

Hey Lagoon Fans, quick question…what sounds better than driving cross country with your two best friends? Not much. Between the fresh air, picturesque views and the commitment to simplicity, what more could you need? This is exactly the lifestyle The Coteries adapted. The band was formed as result of an 11,000-mile road trip across America in their old VW bus, Trusty Rusty. We can thank the American backroads for the creation of their unique rock-folk sound.

Now, let us meet the band th...


“Funked Up Blues” with Mojomama

When the blues band, Mojomama, takes the stage this coming Wednesday night, we promise that you will be anything but blue. In fact, it might be wise to bring comfy shoes for dancing. Mojomama offers a fresh yet familiar vibe, merging traditional R&B and funk with a modern twist. Each concert takes audiences on a journey through not only their trademark R&B and funk style but also jazz, swing and Latin jams, promising a dynamic musical experience. We are excited to welcome them to the...


Head Down a Country Road with Union Gray

Here at Lagoon, we like to switch things up. We understand that variety is the spice of life, so artists of all sounds and genres are welcome to the Lagoon stage. This coming week, we are proud to announce that the feel-good country artist Union Gray will be joining us at our diverse Lagoon venue.

Union Gray boasts a unique blend of classic country favorites and a modern rock-based country sound. Their music celebrates artists spanning from Oklahoma to Texas, Nashville to the Rocky Mounta...


Grab Your Dancing Shoes: Steve Manshel promises a “Mild to Wild” Concert Experience

Paging all Lagoon Fans! Grab your picnic baskets, lawn chairs, and dancing shoes, because the Steve Manshel Band is sure to have you on your feet with their profound “Mild to Wild” musical experience.

Let us now tell you more about the band that will dazzle you next Wednesday night. The Steve Manshel Band includes front man singer-songwriter and guitarist Steve Manshel, Tom Capek on keyboards and vocals, Steve Ivey on drums and vocals, David Becher on bass and vocals and Anneke Toomey...


Reggae Band Tatanka Comes to Lagoon June 21

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series has always celebrated northern Colorado’s diverse music scene by embracing acts of all different genres. The June 21 concert will be no exception to that standard, as we welcome reggae band Tatanka to the stage!


Tatanka captures a traditional Caribbean reggae sound combined with pop influences from the Britannica-American reggae scenes. The group impresses audiences young and old with its positive lyrics and heavy sounds.


The group...