Lagoon 2015

Winchester Holiday Wraps Up the Lagoon

For seven straight Wednesdays in a row, thousands of music-lovers of all ages have descended upon the west lawn of Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center to enjoy free music and picnics at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series.

It’s been an exceptional series with awe-inspiring performances by such bands as Wendy Woo, Mama Lenny and the Remedy, Von Stomper and most recently, Danielle Ate the Sandwich. So, it may sadden you that Winchester Holiday wraps-up all the Lagoon performanc...


Danielle In the House!

We’re not sure who’s more excited about next Wednesday’s Lagoon Summer Concert – our staff, the 12K Facebook “Fanwiches” or Danielle Anderson herself, the indie-folk, ukulele player of the inimitable band, Danielle Ate The Sandwich.

“I love to play in my hometown!” Anderson wrote in an email. “I love knowing where I am and who I'm singing for! And, it's SO nice to only have to drive 10 minutes to get home!”

With her quirky original songs and beautifully re-done cove...


Three Shots Brings Original Blues to the Lagoon

When first asked about his band, Three Shots, front man and lead guitarist, Andy Tatro, recites the tagline from the band’s website, “Rock infused, Roadhouse Rhythm and Blues.”

But when pressed to elaborate, Tatro immediately goes off on a passionate explanation of how the Blues came to be and, how he, a white guy in Colorado, is carrying on the tradition of the Blues.

“Heavy and aggressive Blues, not the traditional, cliché, ‘what Blues is supposed to be’ stuff is what we...


Concert Happenings: Von Stomper July 22

“Chaotic, kinesthetic, pure, raw and a whole lot of energy,” is how Wolf van Elfmand, lead guitarist describes the performance style of his band. The old-time / Delta Blues band from Fort Collins will most definitely bring this energy to their lively performance at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series on Wednesday.

Von Stomper’s 1st paid gig was less than two years ago, but with driving lyrics and an exuberance that is both fresh and urgent, the Fort Collins-based band has rushed onto t...


Behind the Scenes with the One Woman Music Industry – Wendy Woo

She’s been called, “Queen of the Denver Scene,” “Denver DIY Queen” and a "One-Woman Music Industry.”

Colorado legend, Wendy Woo brings her rock / blues / folk / jazz band to the Lagoon on Wednesday, July 15 at 6:30 p.m.

A prolific performer and songwriter, Woo makes about 200 appearances each year and has written over 100 original songs on 11-recorded albums. Her most recent, Tipping Point, released in May, features Woo’s signature guitar style, a technique she calls “S...


Winchester Holiday Concert Cancelled

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series featuring Winchester Holiday scheduled for tonight, July 8, at Colorado State University from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., has been canceled due to exceptionally heavy rain and severe thunderstorms. We have intentions to reschedule and those plans will be announced promptly.

We regret to cancel any concert, but we must ensure the safety and comfort of attendees. Another factor that led to the cancelation was our concern about the ground being too wet for the heavy ...


Get to Know the Band: Winchester Holiday + July 8 Concert Details

“Forever!” the Workman brothers, Dan and Pete, scream into each other’s faces as they sit behind the Lagoon Summer Concert Series stage, talking about the future of their band, Winchester Holiday.

This Wednesday they will play the Lagoon Summer Concert Series for the first time, and “intimated” is the one word to describe how they feel about it. Winchester Holiday evokes ’60s folk music with ballads similar to those of Woody Guthrie but with a new wave rock edge similar to Belle &...


Green and Gold Plays before Red, White and Blue

Only a true CSU Alumni Band - Mama Lenny and the Remedy – would deck themselves out in green and gold sequins (possibly ram hats, too) to kick-off the Fourth of July weekend with a highly spirited R&B performance at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series on Wednesday, July 1 at 6:30 p.m.

Five of the seven band mates are former ramies, and not only that, but Ben Prytherch (bass) is now a CSU stats prof while Ken Monks (guitar) will be leading a summer math camp on campus this week.



Behind the Scenes with Swing Je T’aime

Imagine a set-list that flows from Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” to a gypsy jazz rendition of Nat King Cole’s “Smile.” Now, throw in some Bossa Nova, Bolero, Bluegrass, American Soul and French Jazz to those covers and you just might be envisioning Swing Je T’aime.

If that all sounds like too much to orchestrate in your head, then you might want to come to Wednesday’s Lagoon Summer Concert Series to hear Swing Je T’aime’s six-piece band play tha...


Concert Happenings: June 17

Less than a week until we kick off the 2015 Lagoon Concerts with the ladies from The Damsels! If you aren't familiar with them, check out a sneak peak of their music on our playlist here and learn more about them on our Concert Lineup page. 

Along with Keenie and Aubree, the following sponsors will be joining us during the concert and hosting fun games, entertainment, and more!

Bohemian Foundation
City of Fort Collins
CSU Division of External Relations
Dellenbach Motors (chec...