Maxwell Mud: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Revival

In an age where all music is seemingly rehashed or created on a computer, there is a longing for the classics. Recall the sounds of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. All it took was some instruments, some talent, a stage, and some magic. Maxwell Mud, a trio of Midwest musicians, are here to revive this sound and relieve us from this yearning for music with meaning.

Drawing their inspiration from rock ‘n’ roll and blues, the boys of Maxwell Mud produce a high-energy sound paired with ...


Behind the Scenes with the One Woman Music Industry – Wendy Woo

She’s been called, “Queen of the Denver Scene,” “Denver DIY Queen” and a "One-Woman Music Industry.”

Colorado legend, Wendy Woo brings her rock / blues / folk / jazz band to the Lagoon on Wednesday, July 15 at 6:30 p.m.

A prolific performer and songwriter, Woo makes about 200 appearances each year and has written over 100 original songs on 11-recorded albums. Her most recent, Tipping Point, released in May, features Woo’s signature guitar style, a technique she calls “S...