The Upbeat Edison Promises to be High Energy

Hello Lagoon fans! This week we have a fabulous indie rock trio from Colorado! The amazing Edison consists of artists Sarah Slaton as the singer and guitarist, Dustin Morris (a multi-instrumentalist), and guitarist Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers and Grammy-nominated). Edison was formed in 2014 as Sarah Slaton looked for a creative outlet to …

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Strange Americans: Lagoon Meets Rock ’n’ Roll

Raise your hand if you’re a Lagoon fan who loves good old, traditional rock ’n’ roll! This is your week! The band Strange Americans is here to bring out your “Carhartt-wearing, hard-working, industrial beer-drinking” side because that’s exactly how they describe themselves. This band hails from Denver and even won the 2013 Westword Magazine’s Best …

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The Coteries: From “Trusty Rusty” to Lagoon

Hey Lagoon Fans, quick question…what sounds better than driving cross country with your two best friends? Not much. Between the fresh air, picturesque views and the commitment to simplicity, what more could you need? This is exactly the lifestyle The Coteries adapted. The band was formed as result of an 11,000-mile road trip across America …

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