Eufórquestra: An Audible Adventure

You know the music you just can’t help but move to? The kind of sounds that awaken your shoulders and eventually turns toe-tapping into a full body bliss of movements. Well if you haven’t, get ready to experience it as Eufórquestra takes the Lagoon Concert stage Wednesday, July 6 at 6 p.m. Trust us, this is not a concert to miss.

Having trouble pronouncing Eufórquestra? Simply think euphoria + orchestra. This should give you a pretty good idea of what they are all about. The band describes their sound as energy and rhythm personified. Influenced by music from all over the globe, this group blends the roots of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae and dub to create a truly unique musical experience. Just give it a listen for yourself.

See what we mean? The group adapts a wide variety of styles that will take you on quite the audible adventure. From the swift guitars and booming horns, Eufórquestra has crafted an untraditional array of sounds that result in something fresh and modern. The band excels in front of a live audience and they consider this their top priority. Eufórquestra has almost 1,000 shows under their belt, and we are so excited the Lagoon Summer Concert Series gets to be one of them.

The Eufórquestra concert is an extra-special one because it features a unique partnership between the Mishawaka and Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity. In honor of its 100 year anniversary, the Mishawaka is sponsoring the band in support of Habitat’s House That Beer Built II. Throughout the evening, Habitat will share information on how the community can become involved in the affordable housing campaign. Concert goers can also enjoy opening act, Emma Marie of Little Kid Rock band, local food trucks: The Taco Stop, Pizza Casbah, The Goodness Truck, Ba-Nom-a-Nom and the Human Bean Coffee Truck.

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series is produced by Mantooth Marketing with thanks to the generous support of Title Sponsors Colorado State University, Kaiser Permanente and Thrivent Financial. In addition to Mish 100, event sponsors include The City of Fort Collins, Dellenbach Motors; Fort Collins Coloradoan, Rocky Mountain Collegian and Townsquare Media.

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