Meet The Band: Rusty 44

Hailing from the front range, Rusty 44 brings lively acoustic tunes to the stage every time they perform. With a wide array of string instruments, the band will wow audiences with the diverse sounds they can achieve. Before their July 20th performance, we asked the members of Rusty 44 a few questions to get to know them better. 

How do you feel when you are performing on stage for a big crowd?

Ebullient! We five are a very diverse group. We differ in age, in musical experience, in career, in state of origin, in beliefs, in personality. But there’s one thing that keeps us glued together… we just LOVE to make people happy with our songs! We get such a rush out of seeing the joy that music brings when it is shared. 

Which artists have had the biggest impact on you as a band?

There are so many artists that inspire and delight us. We are an American roots band, and we love all that represents – bluegrass, jazz, old-timey, blues, country, gospel. We often start with an old favorite song or a new discovery and then rework it to put our own brand on it – bluegrass style. A few of our favorites would be Tony Rice, Union Station, Adam Steffey, Stuart Duncan, Todd Phillips.

What has been your most memorable performance ever? Please elaborate.

The performances that stand out are the ones when we’ve been able to really engage and fire up the crowd, when we’ve got them in the palm of our hands, like a crowded living room after a backyard party rain-out. That’s super satisfying and we make such great connections with the crowd!

What does it mean to you to be able to perform for the Northern Colorado community at the Lagoon?

We think we’re pretty darn lucky to live here in Northern Colorado. Some of us grew up in Fort Collins – and went to CSU – some came for work or school, some just moved here because it is so vibrant and inviting. So we are thrilled at the opportunity to share our music at a free concert in our own community!

What advice would you give your past self when you were first starting out?

5) We all agree…. we wish we had started learning/playing/sharing music earlier in life. But it’s never too late! 

What are you looking forward to more now that the Lagoon Summer Concert Series is back at CSU’s Lagoon?

We are looking forward to seeing people coming back together to enjoy the summer days again, little kids dancing in the grass, food trucks, paychecks, sing-alongs and harmonicas. Pretty much everything that the concert series has to offer!

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