Meet the Band: The Wendy Woo Band

No stranger to the Lagoon stage, The Wendy Woo Band will be wrapping up the Lagoon Summer Concert Series this year on July 27th. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of cultures and musicians, Wendy Woo pulls from her diverse musical experiences to make thoroughly groovy music. As we get ready to close out the Lagoon this year, we caught up with Wendy Woo to learn more about her and the band.

How do you feel when you are performing on stage for a big crowd?

I love it. When I was younger I felt it was almost easier than playing for a small crowd. 

Which artists have had the biggest impact on you as a band?

I have always looked towards my local heroes. I was inspired by Liza from Zuba in the 90’s. If you don’t know her you must find her! Big Head Todd, The Samples, Liz Barnez, and Christine Alice are all some of my favorites. 

What has been your most memorable performance ever? Please elaborate.

I was lucky enough to play Red Rocks when I was younger. So that was memorable. The second time I played Red Rocks, it was a Woodstock Anniversary event and I was invited to play something cool by The Band. I was 9 months pregnant at the time. I told the buyer that I would be, and he thought that would be fitting for Woodstock. 

What does it mean to you to be able to perform for the Northern Colorado community at the Lagoon?

I have loved working with Connie and Mantooth all of these years. I count myself blessed and lucky to be on your radar. Mantooth has always been a huge supporter of mine – and many other artists – including women who own and run their own businesses. I love that you took my recommendation and hired Christine Alice. She is new on the scene, and she is amazing. Thank you for trusting my opinion. She will not disappoint. 

What advice would you give your past self when you were first starting out?

Not worry so much! Shake off the anxiety and enjoy the moment. But also, I would have told my younger self to be more organized, more on time, more communicative, and less flakey. 

What are you looking forward to more now that the Lagoon Summer Concert Series is back at CSU’s Lagoon? 

Another beautiful evening under the stars with my Northern Colorado fans!

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